About Dr. Gaines

Your guide through the problems of academic writing at the graduate level is Dr. Kendra H. Gaines. After 16 years of classroom teaching and one-on-one writing tutoring at the University of Arizona, she is now using computer technology to help graduate students with their writing problems.

Dr. Gaines wrote her way through her undergraduate education to get a BA in English, before completing a major thesis to earn her MA in Philosophy of Religion and Literature. Still writing, she went on to a second MA and then a PhD in English from Northwestern University.

She has also been employed as an editor at a major publishing house, while publishing numerous articles on travel and history, as well as on a variety of academic subjects.

Dr. Gaines encourages all visitors to this website to contribute questions and feedback that will ultimately benefit all graduate students who need help with their writing.

You can contact Dr. Gaines by clicking on the 'Ask your Question' button above or email her directly at: kendragaines50@gmail.com